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Request a Calibration Quote

Below is a form to request a calibration quote.

To request a no-obligation quotation for a calibration service, please either:

  • complete the form below, by clicking in each window/box to enter your details, and use the Submit button to email it to the NMI Calibration Coordinator; or
  • print the form, fill in the details and fax it to NMI's Calibration Coordinator on +61 2 8467 3846

Required fields on the form are marked with *

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Calibration Requirements *
Please describe the measurements you want performed and any conditions for the measurements, e.g.
Do you require a specific test method to be used?
Do you want the calibration performed at particular points/frequencies/temperatures or over a range?

Special Instructions
Certificate Required

NMI supplies a Measurement Report for each calibration.

In addition, you may require a Section 9 certificate (for State Primary Standards only) or a Regulation 13 certificate, under the National Measurement Act 1960.

Quotation Required

You may request either an oral estimate, which will be indicative only & not binding on NMI, or a written quotation.

NMI issues written quotations without obligation.
If you accept the quotation by responding in writing, NMI will schedule your calibration at the time and for the fee indicated in the quotation.

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