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National Measurement Institute

Consultancies and Contract Research

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NMI's expertise is the foundation for the extensive services offered to government agencies and the private sector. It is used to solve measurement problems and to transfer technology throughout Australia's measurement community. Some of the NMI’s work depends on specialised metrology facilities that are unique in Australia and may be relevant to solving problems for clients. In addition to calibration and measurement services, NMI will work with clients to provide solutions to problems in chemical and biological analysis and physical measurement.

Such consultancy arrangements are tailored to meet the needs of clients. They may include training for staff to ensure effective transfer of technology. NMI will also engage in research projects to address client specific measurement issues.

Contract Research

NMI undertakes contract research projects and programs to address client-specific measurement problems, to develop new measurement techniques and to improve the quality of measurement. For example we:

  • have extensive experience in the development and validation of analytical methods; this expertise has been used to validate methods for detection of drugs in human urine and plasma for the pharmaceutical industry and to validate a method for detection of animal-derived DNA in stockfeed using real-time PCR with funding assistance from Meat and Livestock Australia
  • assess commercially available test kits for detecting genetically modified organisms on behalf of government and industry clients
  • are currently engaged in several contracts for Australian and international clients to produce and certify specific reference materials, both of the pure-substance type and for analytes in a specific matrix
  • have worked with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures to build two calculable capacitors maintained in Paris and NMI; these instruments will provide a secure foundation for realising the ohm over the next three decades and more

Working with us can give you a competitive edge. Surveys show that organisations that innovate and work collaboratively are more profitable and have greater potential to grow and compete globally. We can help you:

  • develop new ideas, products and services
  • reduce your research costs by gaining access to state and Australian Government funding schemes and modern research infrastructure
  • get expert advice and access to the latest knowledge, technology and equipment
  • gain access to skilled and work-ready researchers
  • gain access to national and international knowledge networks

Australian Government assistance and support is available to help us work together to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that benefit both parties.