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National Measurement Institute

Food Safety and Contamination

NMI can assist clients in the analysis of many food contaminants. Food safety and the food industry’s need to exercise ‘due diligence’ or implement systems such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) have become increasingly important. The broader community sees incidences of food-borne infections, chemical residues in agricultural commodities and contamination of foods as major public health issues.

Effective quality management and a reputation for safe food are vital to the food industry’s competitiveness. The regulation of food production and distribution is an important strategy for combating the spread of food-related infection, monitoring the use of food additives and minimising the incidence of food contamination. Food analysis, combined with inspections of food production, handling and sale is part of that strategy. Identification of these can be in the interests of public health, minimising economic loss/wastage and public relations. These include heavy metals, allergens, microbiology food spoilage, microbiology pathogens, toxins, foreign objects.

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