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Nanomaterials, particularly nanoparticles, are being incorporated into an ever-broadening range of consumer products to improve functionality, efficacy and performance. The prevalent use of such engineered nanoparticles, particularly in textiles, surface coatings and personal-care products, means that they are likely to enter the environment via domestic and industrial waste water. To assess the potential risks associated with the introduction of engineered nanomaterials into the environment, it is critical to understand their environmental fate and impact. The ability to detect and quantify nanomaterials in environmental matrices and to characterise their relevant physical and chemical properties is crucial to underpin such studies.

NMI has comprehensive expertise and an extensive suite of instrumentation for the characterisation of nanomaterials and can work with clients to develop methods for the detection and quantification of nanomaterials in complex environmental matrices. Click here for information on our nanomaterial capabilities, expertise and the services we offer.