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National Measurement Institute

General Supplementary

S1/0 Auxiliary Indicating Devices (excluding Electronic Cash Registers) (Cancelled)
  • PDF - 310.2 KB
S1/0/A Electronic Indicating and Printing Devices for Measuring Instruments (Cancelled)
  • PDF - 1.53 MB
S1/0B Electronic Indicating, Summing or Printing Devices which are Interfaced and Auxiliary to an Approved Measuring Instrument
  • PDF - 119.17 KB
S2/0 Electronic Cash Registers (Cancelled)
  • PDF - 261.39 KB
S3/0 Driveway Flowmeter Nozzles (Expired)
  • PDF - 243.1 KB
S3/0A Nozzles for Use With Fuel Dispensers for Motor Vehicles.
  • PDF - 132.03 KB
PS687 Gap Solutions Model EZI-WEIGHLABEL Point of Sale (POS) System
  • PDF - 185.08 KB
PS777 Independent Solutions Model Flexi-Fuel Control System for Fuel Dispensers for Motor Vehicles
  • PDF - 173.68 KB
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