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Australian Government: National Measurement InstituteAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute
National Measurement Institute

About Us

NMI is the peak Australian measurement body responsible for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement. Click here to download a brochure which explains what we do.

Our vision is to provide measurement policy, science and regulation that underpins the economy and well-being of Australia.

Our mission is to lead and facilitate a measurement system that adapts to, services and enhances the productivity and growth of Australian industries.


NMI is responsible for maintaining Australia's units and standards of measurement and for realising those units of measurement through the development and maintenance of standards of measurement, reference materials and reference techniques. On 1 July 2010, NMI became responsible for trade measurement. NMI is now responsible for the full spectrum of measurement, from the peak primary standards of measurement to measurements made at the domestic trade level.

Meeting the measurement needs of government, industry and scientific organisations for calibration, measurement, analysis and training are key functions of NMI. The services section of this website provides more information.

NMI is an important element of Australia's standards and conformance infrastructure and provides advice on measurement to the other members, the National Association of Testing AuthoritiesStandards Australia and the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.

Research is an important part of NMI’s activities, and supports many of its functions. It is an important part of the continuous development of physical, chemical and biological measurement standards and techniques. This continuing development is needed to meet advances in science and technology and the increasing demands of industry for greater accuracy in measurement. Governments also require a broader range of measurements to fulfil their regulatory needs in matters such as food safety, the environment and trade.


NMI is a division within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. NMI is accountable to the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science and through the Minister to the Australian Parliament. The Chief Metrologist is appointed by the Secretary and has functions conferred on him or her under the National Measurement Act and the National Measurement Regulations.

NMI was established on 1 July 2004 to take responsibility for the Australian Government's measurement functions as described in the National Measurement Act. It was formed by bringing together CSIRO's Nationdsal Measurement Laboratory, the National Standards Commission and the Australian Government Analytical Laboratories. On 1 July 2010, NMI became responsible for trade measurement when the Commonwealth took over responsibility for weights and measurements from the states and territories.

NMI operates from a number of sites around Australia and is organised into four main branches: chemical and biological metrology, physical metrology, analytical services and legal metrology. Click here for details of our: