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Metric Conversion

The table below contains metric conversion factors for area, length, mass, power, temperature, pressure, velocity, volume and energy.​

Every effo​rt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the conversions, however users should refer to other websites for independent verification of the information provided.

Use the following links for information on SI units, their symbols, SI prefixes and Australian legal units of measurement.​

Common usag​e in Australia (AS/NZS 1376:1996 Conversion Factors, p31) is that:

  • million = 106
  • billion = 109
  • trillion = 1012
  • quadrillion = 1015 

​Note: More recent versions of the Internet Explorer web browser may not work with the Metric Conversion tool below. Please try using an alternative web browser such as (but not limited to); Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. ​​

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