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I need a public weighbridge

Public weighbridge list


A ‘weighbridge’ is defined in the National Measurement Act 1960 as a ‘measuring instrument of one or more platforms that determines the mass of vehicles or livestock and has a measuring capacity of 3 tonnes or more’.

A weighbridge can be used to determine the mass of a vehicle, including prime mover and connected trailer/s, in a single operation or by the application of end-and-end when allowed under the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009. A weighbridge may also be used to separately record the weight of axles (or groups of axles) to ensure compliance with local transport regulations.

The operator of a weighbridge is the person using a weighbridge to conduct a measurement. The operator does not have to be the owner of the weighbridge.

A public weighbridge is defined in the National Measurement Act 1960 as a weighbridge that:

  • is open for use by or on behalf of the public; or
  • is available for use for a charge.

A public weighing occurs when a weighbridge is made available for trade use and in either of the two circumstances stated above, without a prior contractual arrangement between the operator of the weighbridge and the person for whom the weighing is being performed.

The operator of the weighbridge will be required to hold a public weighbridge licence to conduct public weighings. Public weighings are required to be recorded on a measurement ticket.

A weighing is not considered to be a ‘public weighing’ when the use of the weighbridge:

  • is subject to a prior contractual arrangement between the controller of the weighbridge and person for whom the weighing is being performed, which does not include a fee per use charge
  • for the operation of the operator’s business. i.e. to weigh goods in which the operator trades; or
  • to determine the tare mass of a vehicle or trailer for registration purposes.

These types of weighings are not considered to be public weighings and are not required to be carried out under a public weighbridge licence.