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Australian Government: National Measurement Institute - Trade MeasurementAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute - Trade Measurement
National Measurement Institute

Trade Measurement

Trade measurement refers to all transactions in which the price of the commodities or goods is based on measurement of quantity or quality. The primary purpose of a trade measurement system in Australia is to ensure that the pricing of traded goods is based on accurate measurement. Trade measurement covers both business-to-business transactions and business-to-consumer transactions.

In 2007, the National Measurement Institute was given the responsibility of initiating and managing the transition of trade measurement regulatory responsibilities from the states and territories to the Commonwealth. On 1 July 2010, the new national system of trade measurement commenced. Our Report on the Transition to a National Trade Measurement Scheme covers all aspects of the project.

Alert: Sale of Pre-packed Products

Please click here to access a list of pre-packed products approved by the Secretary for sale by number or linear or area measurement as detailed by subregulation 4.13(5) of the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009 (Cth).

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable Australia to trade fairly and equitably in every transaction based on measurement through the administration of the National Measurement Act.

Service Charter

As the national trade measurement regulator we aim at all times to provide high quality service. Our Trade Measurement Service Charter is our public commitment to customers and stakeholders on what you can expect from us in service standards and delivery.

Trade Measurement Services

Our Trade Measurement Laboratories provide calibration and certification testing services.

Trade Measurement Indigenous Awareness Campaign

A new campaign to raise awareness of accurate trade measurement practices will help people in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities get what they pay for.

Policy Aims and Objectives

Our policy aims are to provide an efficient and effective national trade measurement system across Australia for the community, business and government; and to provide confidence in all aspects of trade measurement through a unified, national system.

Our objectives are to maintain a high level of general awareness and transparency in trade measurement transactions; to ensure an effective compliance framework; and to continually improve trade measurement.

View our Compliance and Enforcement Policy.
This policy is currently under review. Whilst the review is underway internal procedural guidelines are being used to guide compliance and enforcement activities to ensure consistency of practice. When the policy review is complete the revised policy will be published. 

National Compliance Plan 2015–16

To learn about our national compliance model and understand how we regulate, please read our National Compliance Plan 2015–16

National Data

For all our national statistics on complaints, enquiries and enforcement activity.


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Enquiries and Complaints

For all trade measurement enquiries and complaints, please contact our hotline via:
on-line form
1300 686 664

Media Centre

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Trade Measurement Publications

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