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Australian Government: National Measurement Institute - Trade MeasurementAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute - Trade Measurement
National Measurement Institute

Servicing Licensees

If you need help finding a servicing licensee to verify a measuring instrument, you can send an email to the Trade Measurement Licensing team at

In your email you should include your location and the type of instrument you wish to have verified.

NMI can then provide details of servicing licensees in your area who may be able to help. NMI is not able to recommend specific service providers.

Servicing Licences

Individuals and organisations involved in verifying measuring instruments used for trade are required to hold a servicing licence. Licences are granted where applicants meet the licence criteria under the National Measurement Act and the conditions of licence provided in the National Trade Measurement Regulations. Under trade measurement legislation, servicing licensees have the responsibility to ensure verifiers are competent to verify measuring instruments.

If you have any questions about applying for a servicing licence please contact us on 1300 686 664 (option 2) or

Licensing Updates

Read our latest information for licensees:


Please refer to SL 12/03 to help you understand which quality manuals are relevant to your business.

Fuel Dispenser Numbering Guide
Sample Quality Manual Class 4.3
Sample Quality Manual All Classes Excluding 4.3


Form 6 for a small number of verifications in any 14 day period
Form 6A for a large number of verifications in any 14 day period

Application Forms

Form A Servicing Licence Application
Form B Servicing Licence Application — Regulation 13 Certificate Details
Form C Servicing Licence Application — Verifier Registration and Deregistration
Form E Servicing and Public Weighbridge Application — Change of Partnership
Form F Servicing and Public Weighbridge Application — Amend a Condition of License

Point of Sale Requirements

POS Systems
POS Verification Requirements before and after 1 August
Decision Chart for the Approval and Verification of Auxiliary Indicating Systems

Correct Placement of Verification Marks

Click here for information on the correct placement of verifications marks (SL 13/01 also applies). You may also provide feedback and make inquiries about the correct placement of verification marks.

Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. You can download a free copy from the Adobe website. If you would like a document in an alternative more accessible format, please contact