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Australian Government: National Measurement Institute - Trade MeasurementAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute - Trade Measurement
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Public Weighbridge Licensees

List of public weighbridges
Weighbridge Operators Manual  
Guidelines for Weighbridge Control Systems

Public Weighbridge Licences

Public weighbridge licences are granted where applicants meet the licence criteria under the National Measurement Act and the conditions of licence provided in the National Trade Measurement Regulations. In particular, applicants must demonstrate they have a suitable weighbridge and the competency to operate the weighbridge in accordance with the Act and Regulations.

If you have any questions about applying for a public weighbridge licences please contact us on 1300 686 664 (option 2) or

The Licensee Newsletter


PW 11/01 Licence Renewal 
PW 12/01 Changes to Weighbridge Requirements
PW 12/02 Public Weighbridge Licensee’s Obligations to their Operators
PW 12/03 Trade Weighbridge Approach Requirements
PW 12/04 Definition of Public Weighing
PW 12/05 Weighbridge Measurement Tickets
PW 13/01 What is a Public Weighbridge and what is a Public Weighing?
PW 13/02 Public Weighbridge Statements of Attainment and Training

Application Forms

Form A Public Weighbridge License Application — Business Details
Form B Public Weighbridge License Application — Weighbridge Details
Form C Public Weighbridge License Application — Operator Registration and Deregistration
Form D Public Weighbridge License Application — Perform End-and-End Measurement Method
Form E Servicing and Public Weighbridge Application — Change of Partnership
Form F Servicing and Public Weighbridge Application — Amend a Condition of License
Form G Public Weighbridge License Application — Request to Contract Operations to Another Person
Form H Trade Weighbridge Approach Exemption Application Form — Approach Material and/or Marking of Approach Perimeters

Point of Sale Requirements

POS Systems

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