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Top Ten Tips for Consumers

  1. Check the quantity statements on the goods you buy.
  2. Make sure you have a clear view of the scales. When buying goods by weight over the counter, the trader must place the scales so you can see the weight, price per kilogram, total price and the goods being weighed, otherwise ask for a written statement of the measurement.
  3. Ensure the shop scales display zero weight before your goods are weighed. If they don’t – tell the trader.
  4. Make sure that the scale is clear of other items and only the goods you are purchasing are being weighed when the price is being calculated.
  5. Check the price per kilogram on the scales matches the advertised price.
  6. Check the total price on the scales is the price you are charged at the checkout.
  7. Check your receipt to ensure the calculated price matches the advertised price.
  8. Pay only for the product, not the packaging material. In many stores, the electronic checkout scales are set to automatically deduct the weight of the packaging during the weighing process. In other stores, staff manually set the scale to deduct the weight of the packaging materials. For example, when you buy apples in a plastic bag, you should only pay for the apples. If you buy potato salad at the deli counter, you should only pay for the salad, not for the weight of the plastic container.
  9. If you are not present during the measuring of the goods, ensure you have a receipt that states the measurement used.
  10. At the service station, after you have picked up the nozzle and before you start filling your fuel tank, make sure the display of the fuel dispenser is indicating all zeroes on the volume and total price indicators.


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