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National Measurement Institute

Statistics for Metrology

This one-day course provides participants with an understanding of the basic statistical concepts used in the analysis of measurement data. This course is for you if you have a basic understanding of statistics or if you wish to reacquaint yourself with a field of study unused after many years. The course materials are supported by workshops throughout the day where participants can practice their new found skills using Microsoft Excel ®.

Refer to the Participants Handbook for an overview of our training and assessment services, support services, key policies, rights and responsibilities.

For more information contact 02 8467 3796 or

Training Course (course code SFM00)

The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills:

  • to understand basic concepts of statistics and their relation to measurement
  • to use statistics to draw relevant conclusions from measurement data
  • to perform simple statistical tests to make comparisons between measurements
The topics covered include:
  • distributions
  • populations and samples
  • statistical parameters
  • significance testing
  • regression analysis
  • analysis of variance

$985 which includes GST, lunch, refreshments and course material. The course will start at 9 am and end by 5 pm.