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Australian Government: National Measurement InstituteAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute
National Measurement Institute

Fact Sheets

Legal Metrology

Trade Measurement

Do You Measure Up for the Show?
Sale of Beer in Non-approved Vessels and Takeaway Containers
Selling Fruit and Vegetables
Trade Measurement and Franchising
Trade Measurement and the Sale of Seafood
Waste Management, Recycling & Trade Measurement

Biological, Chemical and Physical Metrology


TF 5 Calibration of Measuring Equipment for EMC Testing
TF 6 Capabilities
TF 7 Services
TF 8 Products
TF 9 Research
TF 11 Calibration of Hydrocarbon Flowmeters for the Fuel Industry
TF 12 Nanometrology for Practical Applications
TF 15 Testing Food for Dioxins and POPs: Are Your Tests Measuring Up?
TF 16 Testing Industrial Emissions for Dioxins and POPs
TF 17 Calibration of blue-light: curing jaundice in babies
TF 18 Power/energy meter calibration for medical and aesthetic lasers
TF 19 Testing drugs for quality and safety
TF 20 Measurements in the health sector: enhancing safety, fostering innovation
TF 21 Supporting innovation in bio-medical engineering
TF 22 Calibration and standardisation of genetic tests
TF 23 Methylated biomarkers in cancer diagnosis

Fact Sheets

NMI 1 Participation in Global Markets Depends on International Measurement Transparency
NMI 2 Legal Metrology — Reducing Transaction Costs
NMI 3 Length Measurement
NMI 5 Temperature Standards
NMI 6 Frequency Measurement
NMI 7 Time
NMI 9 Acid Sulfate Soils
NMI 11 International Trade — Wine Industry
NMI 12 Discharge of Chemicals into the Environment — Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
NMI 13 Brominated Flame Retardants
NMI 14 Testing for Dioxins and Other Persistent Organic Pollutants
NMI 15 Detecting Genetically Modified Food, Feed and Crops
NMI 16 Stockfeed
NMI 17 Accurate Measurement of Nucleic Acid Helps Diagnosis
NMI 19 Illicit Drug Profiling
NMI 20 Illicit Drug Testing
NMI 23 Food Allergen Labelling and Consumer Protection
NMI 24 Food Authenticity
NMI 25 Blood Alcohol Measurements
NMI 26 Assisting Australian Trade using the Global Chemical Measurement System
NMI 27 Proficiency Testing Schemes for Chemical Analysis
NMI 28 Chemical Reference Materials
NMI 29 Environmental Discharges — Pharmaceuticals
NMI 30 Photometry and Radiometry Standards
NMI 31 Legal Metrology — Export Facilitation
NMI 32 Legal Metrology — Legal Traceability of Measurements
NMI 33 Training
NMI 34 The Weight of Trade — Mass and Force
NMI 36 Acoustics and Vibration — Noise Reduction and Vibration Control
NMI 37 Food Composition
NMI 38 Electrical Measurements
NMI 39 Flow Measurement and its Impact on the Fuel Industry
NMI 40 Humidity Measurement and the Printing Press
NMI 41 Pressure Measurement and Aircraft Systems Maintenance
NMI 42 International Cooperation in Metrology — Research in Metrology for Chemistry and Biology
NMI 43 Measurement Traceability Reduces Costs to Manufacturers and Industry
NMI 44 Measurement Challenges in Nanotechnology
NMI 45 Cancer Diagnosis
NMI 46 Gene Doping
NMI 47 Clean Water for Australia
NMI 48 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism — Genotyping
NMI 49 Measurements for Safety in Today's World
NMI 51 Calibrating artificial mastoids
NMI 53 Verification of CMMs, laser scanners and measuring arms
NMI 54 Dimension metrology
NMI 55 Measuring environmental noise
NMI 56 Londonderry flow facility
NMI 57 Measurement of high precision cylinders
NMI 63 PFAS environmental testing services

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