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Certificates of Approval

On successful completion of the pattern approval process you will be issued with a certificate of approval  (also known as a pattern approval certificate) which is valid for five years and contains an approval number. Certificates of approval are usually comprised of three sections:

  • a certificate which consists of the advice and conditions of approval
  • a technical schedule which describes the pattern and any variants
  • a test procedure which specifies the tests (which are not covered by other published test procedures) for verification and the maximum permissible errors

To find a particular certificate:

  • use the Search facility (top right)
  • enter the certificate of approval number (use a solidus to separate the numbers, e.g. 12/1/20) in the Publication Search (in the top navigation bar)
  • select the correct approval category (below) and sub-category (where certificates are listed in numerical order)

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